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About Me

Chef With Life Experience

Hi, I’m Sarah Forrester Wendt. I am a whole foods chef with life experience I would like to share, especially regarding the appreciation and benefits of healthy and delicious food.

My story

I am a whole foods chef with life experience

O.k, So yes, I was picked on a few times when I was a kid for some of the funny food I had in my lunch box. But.. the rice cakes with sprouts or the veggie sushi were actually things I requested for my lunch.

50 years ago my father was introduced to macrobiotics when he was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma. He recovered with full health by adopting the macrobiotic diet and lifestyle. He also passed on his knowledge to my mother and raised his kids on a whole foods diet.

I learned most of my cooking skills from my mother, who is a great cook. Also, bless her, she always gave me free reign in the kitchen. Cooking was one of my many interests and after high school I ventured down to the Kushi Institute in Becket, Massachusetts for a few months, where I lived and studied macrobiotic theory, cooking and shiatsu. I was especially inspired by my teacher, Luchi Baranda, who was always supportive and encouraging, especially when it came to cooking and health for mothers and children.

Over the years I traveled and studied cooking in several countries and many times returned to the Kushi Institute. Ive Been the executive Chef at fine dining restaurants, done lots of catering, cooking classes and workshops.Most recently was the owner and Chef of a wonderful , but now closed restaurant -My Plum, My Duck. Currently I can be found at the Charlottetown farmers market . I offer catering and special orders.

Located at 60 Mount Tryon Road, Albany PEI C0B 1A0 902-213-1979

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I can be reached at 60 Mount Tryon Road, Albany PEI C0B 1A0 902-213-1979. I look forward to helping friends and strangers alike with introducing whole foods into their lifestyle.