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Catering (vegan,vegetarian, macrobiotic)

Cooking Class Parties

Personal Instruction

Pantry Makeover

Lending Library Books & Cd’s

I do mostly whole foods cooking with seasonal, organic, local, natural (unprocessed) and fresh food as much as possible.

- Chef Sarah
Go Natural

I will help……

I like to make things from scratch. Food should be fun, satisfying and delicious with lots of variety.

Adult & children Cooking classes

After all the washing,sorting, chopping, slicing, sauteing, flipping and frying you get to sit down and enjoy your creations.I will do the shopping and provide equipment when necessary. Depending on the theme I will bring 2-6 recipes. With humor and guidance we will collectively make the meal together. One on one instruction or invite a group of friends or like minded people. We’ll make a party out of it!

Pantry Makeover

It is a daunting task to try to start a new project! Buying and cooking new foods and how to store them can be overwhelming. Here is where I come in. Together we will go through your pantry and clean, sort and YES throw out some of the contents . We will talk about good verses bad oils, salts, and sugars and replace any “bad ” items with new ones. I will help organize ingredients so that they are stored properly and are easy to see and use. Boot camp for your pantry!


Whether it’s a small gathering, large party or it’s a wedding cake. We will work together to find the freshest local ingredients to make your occasion a yummy and fun event!

Lending Library

Over the years I have collected many great books on Macrobiotics, vegan , vegetarian and wholefood cookbooks. Shiatsu, Do-in self massage, yoga, natural childbirth, belly dance. As well as c.d’s , tapes and video cassettes . Please ask for info on how to borrow any of these items.

Belly Dance & creative dance lessons

Adult and children’s belly dance instruction as well as children’s creative dance lessons available

Please contact for more info and Prices

Please contact for more info & Prices