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Whole Foods Supper Club – MUSHROOMS

AN INTERACTIVE COOKING CLASS SERIES WINTER, SPRING, SUMMER, FALL   This month it’s all about MUSHROOMS!  Thursday February 16th at 6:30 p.m Tasty whole foods supper club. Fun, interactive cooking classes. After all the washing,sorting, chopping, slicing, sauteing, flipping and frying you get to sit down and enjoy our creations. With humor and guidance we […]

Spring Challenge Day 21-Yudofu

Yudofu-by Aveline kushi 2 Cups spring or filtered water 1 Strip kombu 2 Shiitake mushrooms 1 Pound fresh firm tofu, sliced into 1-inch thick slices 1 Bunch watercress, washed Tamari soy sauce Sliced lemon Gingeroot juice Finely chopped scallions for garnish Place water, kombu and mushrooms in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce […]

Spring Challenge: Day 4 -Noodles and Broth

Noodles and Broth – By Aveline Kushi Noodles 6-8 Cups Spring or filtered water 1 8oz package soba or udon noodles Broth 1 Piece kombu, 2-3 inches long 4 Cups Spring or filtered water 2 Dried shiitake  mushrooms 2-3 Tbsp tamari soy sauce Chopped scallions, chives or toasted nori for garnish Bring the cooking water […]