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All You Need Is Grub….

Sharing the love. Not just for Valentine’s Day . You can share love any day and what a better way than with food. LOVE and FOOD Mmm… Here is a love meal that I made this year! –Indonesian  San Choi Bao – Mushroom and tofu cup 11/2 Cups fresh shiitake 11/2 Cups portabello 1 Tbsp […]

Sharing the LOVE

  Is  Valentines day just for lovers?.. or  can it be for loving? This years lovely meal will be Chinese . Here are the special dishes I have come up with.   Steamed Dumplings  1/2 cup thinly sliced leek 1 Tbsp Olive oil 1 Tbsp toasted sesame oil 1 lb firm tofu, crumbled 3/4 Cup […]

Day 1- Steak Tartare

(April fools) Summer Style Fried Rice, by Aveline Kushi 1-2 Tbsp Dark sesame oil 1 Cup crumbled tofu 1/2 Cup diced onion 1 Tbsp chopped scallion roots 1 Cup fresh corn kernels (scraped from 1 medium sized ear of corn) 2 Cups cooked brown rice 1-2 Tbsp tamari soy sauce or sea salt 1/2 Cup […]