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Merry Merry!

WISHING EVERYONE  A MERRY OLD TIME!  Peace, Love and Health from MacroMom xo


The cranberry. Great for your bladder and kidneys, high in vitamin c and helps with digestion and prevention of ulcers. Also a delicious tart festive treat! Cranberry sauce 1 cup raw cranberries 3/4 cup apple juice or water 3 tbsp rice syrup zest of 2 lg organic oranges 1/4 cup of raisins (optional) pinch of […]

Holiday Time

Hello, I’m Sarah Forrester Wendt, this is my first blog entry! I thought I would start of with some yummy macrobiotic/whole foods recipes for the holidays It’s Holiday time…My favorite part as always is the food!! It’s the time of year where all those decadent things are a must! Pate’s and pastes, pickles and preserves, […]