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Seitan Not Satan

In the heart of winter I love to make seitan . It’s meaty it’s filling and you can put it in anything! This weeks soups –Seitan  Stew -Potato Apple -Breadsticks too! 1$ 5$/16 oz Both are organic and vegan. Available for pick up between 4-7 Monday Feb 9th. Or free delivery on $40 or more. P.S There […]


By request! 3 soups this week. -Tomato herb -Split green pea -Thai coconut All soups are organic, vegan and gluten free! For those gluten free lovers I have tasty homemade breadsticks $1/each Available for pick up from 4-7 Monday Dec 22. (or delivery on $40 or more) WAIT! THATS NOT ALL .. I will also […]

Spring Challenge Day 28- Ingrid’s Greens

“Hi I’m Ingrid ,I’m 13 and I love kale! I like it with lemon juice or umeboshi or rice vinegar. Haha I like sour flavors. I also like sauerkraut !.Today I’m Making steamed kale with miso dressing.   Miso dressing 11/2 tbsp barley miso 2 tbsp rice vinegar 2 scallions, finely chopped 1/2 cup boiling […]


See you at the charlottetown farmers market this saturday!     ALL ORDERS THIS SATURDAY JANUARY 11TH! FREE samples of local and organic vegetables!  Come and say Hi to MacroMom and try a delicious bite of our homemade, organic,vegan menu!  

Farmers Market Menu

MacroMom is back at the Charlottetown Farmers Market! Serving up whole foods for the whole family. Vegan, Vegetarian, macrobiotic goodness. Every week the menu will change slightly. We use as much organic and local ingredients that we can find! Here is the menu this week. Spicy tahini noodles $5 Gluten free spicy tahini noodles $5 […]