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Farmers Market Menu

tagineMacroMom is back at the Charlottetown Farmers Market!

Serving up whole foods for the whole family. Vegan, Vegetarian, macrobiotic goodness.

Every week the menu will change slightly. We use as much organic and local ingredients that we can find!

Here is the menu this week.

Spicy tahini noodles $5

Gluten free spicy tahini noodles $5

Tofu “meatloaf” $8

Red lentil dal with sesame green onion short grain brown rice,saute kale and swish chard and apple chutney. $10

Morracan tagine- Chickpeas with mashed hubbard squash, saute greens,sliced cucumber and tofu sour cream $10

Seitan(wheat meat) and pepper stirfry with shortgrain brown rice and saute greens $8

We also offer a wide variety of Organic maritime grown dried goods.

See you on Saturday!

p.s Our booth is not on the main drag.We are tucked in the back wing .


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  1. I remember mom firyng cauliflower and I have had it only once since leaving home 60 years ago.That was one day when my wife was gone, I chopped up a whole head and deep fried it, eating it all alone with no sauce, just salt. The first batch came out almost burnt, oil was too hot. The second batch came out better but it is hard to cook and eat at the same time. Finally got it right but you fill up fast eating a whole head by yourself! So I cleaned up the oil spatter from the stove top, figuring I had pretty well got my wish for eating fried cauliflower again. Then my wife came home and asked what happened here . Apparently she can see a microscopic trace of cooking oil from 10 feet away. Hope you all had a good 4th, wife’s family had a successful wedding yesterday.Jerry

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