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Spring Challenge 2016 Day 15- PEI Beer

HAVE A BEER!  PEI has had a surge in small brewing companies in the last couple of years. Here are some that I have tried. Bar None  With lots of flavors to choose from like Sub-Stanchel Amber , Black eye Pa and la vaca loco milk stout! Upstreet This place is actually right up the […]

Spring Challenge 2016 Day 14- Mu Tea

Mu Tea “Mu tea is a special tea named by George Ohsawa and prepared from 9-16 herbs. It contains a little ginseng, a very strong root that we do not otherwise use in macrobiotic cooking. Mu tea is traditionally used for medicinal purposes to strengthen the stomach and reproductive organs, but it may be occasionally […]

Spring Challenge 2016 Day 13- Apple Cider

Apple cider Hot , cold, yum! Spiced Hot apple cider Ingredients 1/2 gallon apple juice or apple cider 1 cinnamon sticks 2 whole cloves 1 whole nutmeg 1/2 orange peel, cut into strips 1/2 lemon peel, cut into strips (make sure your peel is organic) Directions Pour apple juice/cider into a large stainless steel pot […]