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A week in the Caribbean and a Royal 8th birthday…

I just got back from Paradise! I went on a wonderful trip to Tobago with my
amazing friend Lori. There was plenty of swimming and sunbathing and a really
great boat trip with dolphins and fishing (I caught two fish) . We met great
people, had yummy home cooked meals and even went out dancing. Not being needed
for a few days is bliss and the pace there was soothing and slow.

Local food in Tobago was actually surprisingly familiar, with the exception of
cassava, plantain, foot weed and various sauces. Curry , tomato and thyme were
used in many dishes as the main seasoning. While I did bring some Umeboshi
plums, sea salt, miso, quinoa and red lentils, we mostly ate local fare that we
cooked in our little apartment kitchen.

For example:

Rice with sauteed onions, carrots, celery and garlic

Lightly curried/ginger lentils

Steamed pumpkin with onions

Fresh caught fish (Grouper, King fish, tuna, jacks) with green sauce (thyme,
garlic salt and oil) cooked outdoors over smoky sweet grass

Cucumber and tomato salad (no dressing, no lettuce)

Dessert was fresh mangoes, oranges. Once we bought homemade coconut tarts cooked
in a clay oven on the beach.

My friend Lori even showed locals how to make Polish perogies!

Ingrid’s 8th Birthday

I got back just in time for Ingrid’s birthday. We had a royal party. All guests
were requested to dress up in their king/queen, Prince/Princess outfits.

It was such a beautiful sunny day the party was held in the yard. We had crafts
at the picnic table: crowns, paper bag puppets, etc.. I was amazed at how calm
and peaceful all the 8-year old guests were.

After crafts we played games and blew up screaming balloons that we all tried to
let go into the air at the same time.

Party snacks




hummus with carrots, pita and cucumber and olives


We had a yummy chocolate cake with strawberries and tofu cream.

Lots of fun was had by all. One of my favorite moments was running around town
doing errands before the party, dressed as Snow White.

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