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Back to school, Life as a Townie…

We had a wonderful, beautiful summer out in the countryside. The children ran feral and my in laws grew the most abundant  garden! We hosted wwoofers and had lots of amazing guests! The best summer project was the Potato puppet movie we did with our friend Jamie shannon. [youtube][/youtube] We have moved AGAIN. To town […]

Gone camping

Have a beautiful weekend. See you when we get back. 

A week in the Caribbean and a Royal 8th birthday…

I just got back from Paradise! I went on a wonderful trip to Tobago with my amazing friend Lori. There was plenty of swimming and sunbathing and a really great boat trip with dolphins and fishing (I caught two fish) . We met great people, had yummy home cooked meals and even went out dancing. […]

Having a Mom moment

What better time to do house work than on a rainy day! I must say that piles of laundry or dishes are not really  our cup of tea but we managed! We put on some fun music, had a little dance and got it all done. But there are those days when some one has […]

Lucy and Khadija’s Slumber Party

Whew! I wasn’t sure how that was going to go.  I was thinking…eight 10-year old girls… CHAOS! But they were amazing! They were polite, they shared, they took turns. We adults were not even needed! My friend and neighbor Annie and I decided our girls could collaborate and have one party (Khadija and Lucy have […]

Birthday Parties! Cakes, Snacks and Games!

It can be really easy to get stressed out over birthday parties! Whether it’s for you, your husband, sibling, friends or children! The easiest is to do something outside if possible. Less mess, less clean up and less hectic energy if you invited lots of people!  My daughter is turning 10 on Feb 23rd. This […]

Cooking with kids!

I love when my kids are at school 😉 ! I also love when school is canceled, or rainy days when you are stuck inside. Yesterday was one of those days  so I let two of my children and a friend make muffins! Getting your kids into cooking helps them understand more about what they […]