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Happy Easter! Spring Challenge Day 5- Ribbon Celeriac Salad




Ribbon Celeriac Salad

By : Jamie Oliver

1 celeriac, peeled

1 bunch fresh flat-leaf parsley

Once you’ve peeled the celeriac, chuck away the skin and then carry on peeling around it, giving you long ribbons. If they break every now and again it doesn’t matter. Continue until you reach the fluffy tasteless inner core, which you should throw away. Remove and discard the chunky stalks from the parsley, then finely slice the thinner stalks and roughly chop the leaves.Put your celeriac and parsley into a large bowl and mix together with all the other ingredients. Season to taste, adding a little more vinegar if need be, then serve straight away.

This Recipe By Jamie Oliver


– I switched some ingredients for vegan alternatives and it still came out delightful! 

-yogurt – blended silken tofu with ume vinegar

-Anchovies -with crumbled dulse

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