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Spring Challenge Day 22- Rapini Rigatoni

“Honey can you make supper?”” Sure! “- Pan’s Rapini Rigatoni. 

Pasta Ai Rapini

1Lb rigatoni

1 Lg bunch rapini

 Boil water.

Blanche the rapini (chopped into 1-2” pieces) then remove with a strainer and  set it aside. Cook the pasta in the same water.

 The recipe works better with short pasta like penne or rigatoni.

 When pasta is drained, rinse with cold water and return to the pot.

Meanwhile, the sauce.


-garlic, olive oil, salt, red pepper, ground black pepper

Slice red pepper into strips and fry in plenty of olive oil (1/4 cup even), then add salt and garlic; when garlic is just starting to turn brown, throw in the blanched rapini and a little bit of water, stir it all together and cover.

This is the basis for the sauce.

Other optional ingredients for the sauce include: ground black pepper, basil leaves ripped in half (add at the end), dried peperoncini, olives, grated parmesan and tomato.

– Pan has been making this dish for years. As always it goes over well with me and the kids. P.s I like adding olives or capers. panpasta

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