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Spring Cooking Challenge 2016 Day -30/31 Carrot Diakon, Popsicle

It really is that crazy time of year! The restaurant is going full steam right now especially with the Best of sea contest!  I’m sorry for the delay!

Thirty days hath September,April, June, and November;All the rest have thirty-one,Save February, with twenty-eight days clear,And twenty-nine each leap year.

Its been 31 days!  Thank you for joining me in this spring cooking challenge! I hope that everyone’s recipe repertoire has increased and you have enjoyed the challenge of making new and interesting ,(and yes,sometimes hard to find )drinks with me.


1-Popsicle mold

-Your favorite juice, apple sauce, pear sauce or fruit puree.

– Thick juices like apricot or pear make for a creamy Popsicle!

-Adding some berries into the mold and filling with a vanilla soy or rice milk also makes a tasty treat.

– Try chocolate rice milk too…

-Freeze overnight and enjoy!

Carrot Diakon Drink

 1 Tbsp of grated raw daikon

1 Tbsp of grated raw carrot

2 Cups spring or filtered water

Cook all together for  5–8 minutes with a pinch of sea salt or 7–10 drops of tamari soy sauce

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