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Spring Challenge Day 13- Pickled Turnips

Pink Pickled Turnips By Bon Appetit The turnips will taste great after just one week in the pickling liquid, but for that full-on saturated pink hue, let them sit for two full weeks. 1 small red beet, trimmed, peeled, quartered 1 red chile (such as Fresno), halved lengthwise (optional) 1 pound small turnips, trimmed, peeled, quartered ½ cup red wine vinegar […]

Spring Challenge Day 19- Mustard Green Pickles

Mustard Green Pickles-by Aveline kushi 10 Whole mustard green leaves Sea salt Wash the mustard greens, drain, and place 3 leaves in a pickle press or bowl. Sprinkle a pinch of sea salt on the leaves. make another layer of 3-4 leaves and sprinkle with salt. Finally add the remaining leaves and salt. Place the […]

Pressed Salad

This morning I made a pressed salad to go with lunch. Pressing is a way of marinating vegetables under pressure in order to make them more digestible. Pressed salad is often used in small amounts, or as a condiment. 1 carrot, cut into thin rectangles 1/4 cabbage, shredded 4 red radishes, sliced into thin rounds […]