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Long time no see!

From the middle of May to the second week of October I have the privledge of being the Executive Chef at the lovely Inn at st peters. This posistion has been a fabulous learning experience and I have met many new friends. It has not however allowed me time to keep up with my MacroMom posts. So now that I have had a few weeks off to relax and get back into the macro swing of things I’d like to say hi to everyone. I’ve missed you!

Tomatoes up the wazoo!


(photo and tomatoes from Weedy Gardens)

I’m not a huge tomato fan. I don’t include them in my diet very often. But for some reason I have had tons fall in my lap lately. Big beautiful organic heirloom ones! So … I went to town, cooked up a storm and spread it around.

First I made organic green tomato chow, then organic tomato and herb soup, lastly I made tomatillo salsa.. yum.

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