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Packing and Popsicles

We are having this amazing tropical weather the last couple of days.. In the mid 30’s! It really makes packing a chore, a bore and I really  don’t feel like doing it anymore. 🙂

But with one of my handy dandy homemade Popsicles you can accomplish any task!

-1-Popsicle mold

-Your favorite juice, apple sauce, pear sauce or fruit puree.

– Thick juices like apricot or pear make for a creamy Popsicle!

-Adding some berries into the mold and filling with a vanilla soy or rice milk also makes a tasty treat.

– Try chocolate rice milk too…

-Freeze overnight and enjoy!

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  1. Nice! we have been totally in to popsicles right now. I saw a recipe for a kiwi popsicle where you put a stick in a peeled kiwi, place in cup, fill with juice (I think I’ll try lime-white grape juice) and freeze. So gonna make that soon.

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