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Spring Challenge Day 22- Tempeh Shish Kebab

Yahoo! How do you feel now? Feel like you can cook anything? Week 4 Well done!

Tempeh Shish Kebab-by Aveline Kushi

This is a favorite for parties or summer barbecues. Quantity of ingredients will vary with number of people served and how items are arranged on skewers.



Red radishes

Umeboshi plums

Broccoli flowerets

Cauliflower flowerets


Tamari soy sauce

Cut the carrots and burdock into chunks and lightly boil until soft but not falling apart. Boil the small red radishes with 1-2 umeboshi plums for 15 minutes, or until water has boiled away. Boil the broccoli so that it is still bright green and crunchy. Boil the cauliflower similarly.

Pan-fry or boil tempeh with a little tamari soy sauce until soft but still crispy. Arrange the ingredients attractively on skewers and serve hot

-I added tofu and onions and celery too and served the skewers with watercress/green bean /corn fried rice.

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