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This weeks soup:

 Black Bean And Squash

Navy Bean And Carrot


The soups are vegan and gluten free. Using local and organic products as much as possible.

Available for pick up between 4-7 Monday December 7th  or free delivery on $40 or more.




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  1. Hi there – I had sent a message a few days ago…not sure if you received or not. We are taking care of my father in law in our home – he is gluten free. He is also bean free due to his issues with diverticulitis…I was hoping to place an order this week but both of your soups have beans this week (they sound great!) which he cannot have. Do you ever make soup that is gluten free and bean free ? PS: He loves Miso soup…so he is good with Miso. We are looking to purchase 10 soups to start.

    You can send an email or telephone 902 892 2371

    Thank you,

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