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Spring Challenge Day 14- Miso Soup With Celery

  Celery Miso Soup Recipe by Aveline Kushi   1/2 Cup celery cut into 1-inch pieces 1/2 Cup thinly sliced onions 1 Tsp dark sesame oil 1 Quart spring water 11/4 to 11/2 Tablespoons miso 1 Sheet nori, toasted for garnish Saute the celery and onions in the oil. Add enough water or stock to […]

Spring Challenge Day 7-Kale And Black-Eyed Pea Soup

Kale And Black -Eyed Pea Soup 1 to 2 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil 2 to 3 cloves of fresh garlic, thinly sliced 1 Yellow onion, diced Sea salt 2 to 3 Stalks of celery, diced 1 Carrot, diced 1 Teaspoon sweet paprika 1 Bay leaf 4 Cups spring or filtered water 11/4 Cups canned diced […]

November Odds and Ends

Nope not ginger… or potato! Jerusalem artichoke. My aunt and Uncle are growing Organic Jerusalem artichokes here on Prince Edward Island (to make an order call 902-566-3055). They gave  me some to try last week and here is what I did with them. -1Lb Jerusalem artichokes, scrubbed well and sliced into 1 inch pieces -4-6 […]

Spring challenge Day 24-Dulse, Carrots and Celery

Happy Birthday Ingrid! She is 9 today and loves dulse!! Dulse, Carrots and Celery-by Aveline Kushi Spring or filtered water 2 Cups carrots halved and sliced on a diagonal 1 Cup celery sliced on a diagonal 1/2 Ounce dried dulse Pour a little water into a pot and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat […]

Boiled Salad

2 cups carrots, shaved 2 cups celery, sliced into thin diagonals 1 cup cauliflower florets 2 tbsp roasted sesame seeds 1 tsp dulse flakes 3 cups water pinch of sea salt Bring water and sea salt to a boil, add cauliflower and and boil for about 1-2 minutes.Remove cauliflower, and set aside in a bowl. […]