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Spring Challenge Day 27- Kanten

Kanten– by Aveline Kushi

2 Cups spring or filtered water

2 Cups apple juice

Pinch of sea salt

1 Bar or 6 tbsp agar-agar (follow package instructions)

3 Medium-sized apples, sliced and cored

In a pot bring liquids to a boil, gradually stirring in the agar-agar until it dissolves. Reduce heat to low and simmer for about 15 minutes. Add apple slices the last 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Pour mixture into a large dish or into several small molds; refrigerate until jelled. Kanten is usually ready to serve in 45-60 minutes.

Variation: Instead of apple juice, water may be used with about 1/2 cup raisins added to the apples for sweetness. do not cook melons; just let the hot liquid cook and cool about halfway, then pour over the melon pieces and refrigerate. When using azuki beans and raisins, cook them together about 11/2 hours before adding to other ingredients.

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