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Happy Valentines day

Happy Valentines Day!

The Kids Can Cook group made jam filled heart cookies.

Jam Filled Heart Cookies

1 Cup of organic all purpose flour

1/2 Cup ground walnuts or Almonds

1/2 tsp baking powder

and a pinch of sea salt

Whisk together dry ingredients

2 Tbsp of olive oil

2 Tbsp of barley malt


2 Tbsp of rice syrup

1 tsp of vanilla or almond extract

and 1tbsp or rice milk

Mix together all ingredients

Roll out the dough

Make heart cut outs

Cut out a small circle in half of the cookies (yes we are using a clean marker top for lack of a better tool)

BAKE at 350 for 8 minutes

Spread the solid cookies with unsweetened strawberry or raspberry jam. Place the heart with the cutout on top to make a jam cookie sandwich


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