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Love Meal



Is  Valentines day just for lovers?.. or  can it be for loving?

This year’s lovely meal was Italian from Tuscany .

Here are the special dishes I came up with .With a little help from this great little cook book!

3 Hour Onions

Just like it says, I picked out 4 different varieties of onions. I wrapped them in foil (with the peels on)and baked them for 3 hours at 350′. When they were done I sliced them open and sprinkled a little olive oil, balsamic vinegar and sea salt on them.

Marinated Zucchini

I used a peeler to make thin ribbons from 3 zucchini. I then blanched them in water with a little sea salt and apple cider vinegar and placed them in a container with olive oil, minced garlic, bay leaves and mint.Let sit for several hours or overnight.

Fennel Salad

A little radicchio, fennel, and blood orange all thinly sliced. Some kalamata olives, olive oil, lemon juice and sea salt

Roasted Squash

I actually steamed half a squash till it was almost done then I placed in the oven to finish off with a little garlic oil.

Red Wine Risotto With Veggie Sausage

Mmm this was made with a little chianti and veg stock, onions, garlic and olive oil.


Apple Tart

5 Green apples, a little rice milk, silken tofu, coconut sugar , flour and baking powder!


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