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Spring Challenge Day 15- Lucy’s Italian Carrots

Lucy is 16 and fondly remembers the amazing vegetables from our 2005 trip to Italy. Italians keep it simple! This is one of the ways we had carrots in the north. 6 Lg carrots slice into rounds pinch of sea salt 1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil 6 Pickled pepperoncini, sliced thin 1/2 Lemon, juiced […]

Spring Challenge Day 26- Miso Soup With Green Onion And Carrot

When I asked my friend Stephanie what her favorite miso soup ingredients were here is the answer I received. “Maybe barley miso with lots and lots of scallions and no tofu. I like the shredded carrot thing too” So here you go my dear.. Miso soup with lots of green onions, no tofu with some […]

Spring Challenge Day 5- Miso Soup With Carrots And Parsley

      Miso Soup With Carrots And Parsley This one is for my amazing cousin Audrey! 2-21/2 Cups filtered water 1 -1Inch piece wakame, soaked and diced 1/2 medium onion, diced 1 Cup carrot, sliced into match sticks 1/3 Cup parsley, washed and finely minced 2 Tsp brown rice miso, Disolved into a little […]

Spring Challenge Day 18- Kinpira

Kinpira 1-2 Tablespoons of toasted sesame oil 1 Medium burdock root, cut into fine matchsticks 2 Medium carrots, cut into fine matchsticks 1 Pinch sea salt 2 Tablespoons spring water Shoyu Ginger juice Heat oil in a heavy skillet that has a lid. Saute burdock first, stirring constantly  for about 3 minutes. Add the carrots […]

Spring Challenge Day 17- Nishime Vegetables

Nishime Vegetables 1-Inch piece dried kombu 1 Medium onion, cut into wedges 6 Inches diakon, cut into thick rounds 3 Medium parsnips, cut into thick diagonal slices 2 Medium caroots, cut into 2 inch “logs” Spring water 1/2 Teaspoon shoyu In a heavy pot with a heavy lid(preferably enameled cast iron)place the dried kombu. Add […]

Spring Challenge Day 10- Seitan Stew

Seitan Stew 1-2 Cups seitan, cut into big bite sized chunks 3 Cloves garlic, cut into small pieces 1 Medium onion, cut into thick wedges 2 Carrots, cut into large diagonal chunks 1 Stalk burdock,, sliced on a thin diagonal 1 Cup Brussels sprouts, cut in half 1 Stalk celery, cut on a thin diagonal Spring water […]

Spring Challenge Day 21- Fusilli Carbonara With Spring Vegetables

Fusilli Carbonara With Spring Vegetables 10 Ounces spiral pasta 2 Cups baby carrots, halved lengthwise 1 Bunch asparagus, tough ends snapped off and stalks cut into 1-inch lengths 1 Large zucchini, cut into long matchstick pieces 2 Cups plain soy milk Sea salt 11/2 Tablespoons kuzu, dissolved in a small amount cold water 2/3 Cup […]

Spring challenge Day 24-Dulse, Carrots and Celery

Happy Birthday Ingrid! She is 9 today and loves dulse!! Dulse, Carrots and Celery-by Aveline Kushi Spring or filtered water 2 Cups carrots halved and sliced on a diagonal 1 Cup celery sliced on a diagonal 1/2 Ounce dried dulse Pour a little water into a pot and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat […]

Spring Challenge:Day2-Maki Sushi

Maki Sushi, by Aveline Kushi Maki-sushi is the familiar rolled sushi. Popular varieties include nori-maki, consisting of lightly boiled carrots, scallion and egg; kappa-maki, cucumber; and tekka-maki, raw tuna. The basic method is as follows: 1 sheet nori 1-2 Cups cooked brown rice 1 Carrot Pinch of sea salt 2-3 whole scallion greens 1/8 tsp […]

Boiled Salad

2 cups carrots, shaved 2 cups celery, sliced into thin diagonals 1 cup cauliflower florets 2 tbsp roasted sesame seeds 1 tsp dulse flakes 3 cups water pinch of sea salt Bring water and sea salt to a boil, add cauliflower and and boil for about 1-2 minutes.Remove cauliflower, and set aside in a bowl. […]