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Spring Challenge Day 18- Kinpira


1-2 Tablespoons of toasted sesame oil

1 Medium burdock root, cut into fine matchsticks

2 Medium carrots, cut into fine matchsticks

1 Pinch sea salt

2 Tablespoons spring water


Ginger juice

Heat oil in a heavy skillet that has a lid. Saute burdock first, stirring constantly  for about 3 minutes. Add the carrots and salt, stirring for another 3 minutes. Sprinkle the water over the vegetables, cover and reduce heat to low, allowing the vegetables to steam. After 10-15 minutes, open and check to see that the dish is reletively dry. Add a sprinkle of shoyu. Cover and cook f5 more minutes. Add a few drops of ginger juice . Serve while hot.

-This is Pan’s favorite dish! He likes it best when we add seitan. We can’t buy fresh burdock on our island so I used onion and carrot instead. 

All recipes are printed with permission from Jessica Porter

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