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Spring Challenge Day 10- Seitan Stew

Seitan Stew

1-2 Cups seitan, cut into big bite sized chunks

3 Cloves garlic, cut into small pieces

1 Medium onion, cut into thick wedges

2 Carrots, cut into large diagonal chunks

1 Stalk burdock,, sliced on a thin diagonal

1 Cup Brussels sprouts, cut in half

1 Stalk celery, cut on a thin diagonal

Spring water

1/4 Cup shoyu

Kuzu, diluted in 1/3 cup cold water

Place seitan and garlic , onions, carrots, burdock, Brussels sprouts, and celery into a 6 quart pot. Add spring water to just cover, then add shoyu. Bring to a boil. Reduce flame to low and simmer until vegetables are done, about 20 minutes. Add diluted kuzu, stirring constantly until it thickens stew. Simmer for 5 more minutes. If the stew is too thin, add a little more thickener. If too thick, add more cold water for desired consistency.


– I can’t buy fresh burdock on our island so I used other root vegetables instead. I added some diakon and some parsnip. It was a crappy rainy day and this dish was perfect!  


All recipes are posted with permission from Jessica Porter.

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    1. Unfortunetly you can’t. Sometimes I take orders and make it from scratch. Otherwise the Asian food store on Belvedere has some meat alternatives that can be used instead. Or tofu.

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