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Tomorrow I will be starting the FOURTH annual spring challenge.  The last  three years went great! I used Aveline Kushi’s book(The Complete Guide To macrobiotic Cooking), then Christina Cooks-Everything You Always Wanted to Know about WholeFoods but were afraid to ask. Last year I  choseThe Hip Chick’s guide to Macrobiotics by Jessica Porter.  This year I will be doing something new. This May’s spring challenge will be all about miso soup! Some of my recipes and some from the many cookbooks in my pantry! Soon you will be having a great time and will feel wonderful eating a new delicious miso soup everyday . Don’t worry if you don’t own a miso cookbook. I will be posting the recipes everyday with photos.


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Today is Day 1- Finding your cookbook and collecting your groceries.

(General Miso soup Ingredients- Kombu, wakame, onions, tofu, scallions, daikon, barley/rice/white/red miso )

Day 2- Basic miso soup

Day 3- Miso soup with daikon and onions

Day 4- Miso soup with tahini

Day 5- Miso soup with carrots and parsley

Day 6- Miso soup with white miso and tofu

Day 7- Miso soup with edamame and corn

Please post comments and photo’s of what you are cooking!

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