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Spring Challenge Day 4-Miso Soup With Sauteed Greens

Miso Soup With Sauteed Greens

2-Inch piece wakame, soaked until tender

4 dried shiitake mushrooms, soaked until tender

Spring or filtered water

1/2 Yellow onion, cut into thin half-moon slices

1 Carrot, cut into thin oblong slices

2 teaspoons barley miso

3 to 4 leaves kale or collard greens, rinsed well

About 1 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil

1/2 Red onion, finely minced

1/4 Red bell pepper, roasted over an open flame,peeled,seeded and sliced into thin ribbons


Drain the wakame, reserving the soaking water, and slice into bite-size pieces. Drain the mushrooms, reserving the soaking water, and slice into bite-size pieces. Place the wakame, mushrooms and all the soaking water in a medium soup pot, along with enough additional water to equal 4 cups. Cover and bring to a boil over medium heat. Add the yellow onion and carrot, cover and return to a boil. reduce heat to low and cook until carrot is tender, about 6 minutes. Remove a small amount of broth and use to dissolve the miso. Stir the miso mixture into the soup and simmer , uncovered, for 3 to 4 minutes to activate the enzymes in the miso.

While the soup  simmers, slice the greens into small pieces. Place the oil, red onion and bell pepper in a small saute pan and place over high heat. When the vegetables begin to sizzle, saute for 1 minute. Stir in the greens and saute until just wilted, about 2 minutes.

To serve, ladle the soup into individual bowls and top with a  generous amount of sauteed greens. Serve immediately.

This soup was my favorite so far!

This recipe is printed with permission from Christina Pirello

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