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Spring Challenge- Filling In Some Blanks

So how’s it going so far? What has been your favorite recipe?

I just LOVE The Hip Chicks Guide To Macrobiotics. Did you know you can get it in audio?!!

Here are some definitions of some products that you may want more info on.

Flame Deflector – see here..

Mirin-  See here .. If in Charlottetown you can purchase here 

Umeboshi-  See here.. Can order from here 

Tempeh – See here  Can order from here 

Seitan –  See here  Check your local health food store.

Kuzu or Kudsu –  See here.. Can order here 

The next group of recipes

Day 9- Tempeh Burritos

Day 10-Seitan Stew

Day 11- Christina’s Chickenless Chicken Salad

Day 12- Tofu “Egg” Salad

Day 13- Lisa’s Mango Laasi

Day 14-Tofu Sour Cream

Day 15- Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups


All recipes are posted with permission from Jessica Porter.

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  1. favorite recipe is that barley salad- yummy! I love/have the book and I hear she might have a new one coming out?

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