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Category: Beans

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Happy New Year Soup!

  This week’s soups- Gypsy (a little spicy) Curry Roasted Vegetable (mild) The soups are freshly frozen ,vegan and gluten free. Using local and organic

Just A Bit Spicy

Yum Yum Yum mmm = 1/3 Bottle of Heart beets hot sauce 1 Pkg of Heart beets tempeh, sliced 1/4inch slices 1/2 Cup water 11/2

Last Soups Till The Fall!

Thank you to everyone who enjoyed my winter soups! This weeks soups – Gypsy Soup (Squash and chick pea) –Corn Chowder $5/16oz The soups are vegan

Name Week Soup

I just found out that today is Fun Facts About Names Day -March 7, 2016 (Monday of First Full Week in March which is Celebrate

How’d you get cauliflower ? ;)

Just a tip if you don’t mind wonky “ugly” organic cauliflower you can still find a deal..  This weeks soups – Gypsy Soup (chickpeas,squash,sweet pepper) –Cauliflower

Warm Up With Soup!

This weeks soups – Lemon Lentil –Kale and Potato $5/16oz The soups are vegan and gluten free. Using local and organic products as much as possible.


This weeks tasty soups: -Aduki Bean Stew -Spicy Thai Coconut 5$/16oz Both organic,vegan and gluten free! Available for pick up between 4-7 pm Monday March