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Category: Soups

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Spooky Soup

I’m firing up the cauldron now… Tomorrows soups will be.. -Broccoli -Squash Apple Carrot Turnip $5/16oz The soups are vegan and gluten free. Using local

Soup Is Back

This weeks soups – Spicy Garden Tomato –Mild Cauliflower $5/16oz The soups are vegan and gluten free. Using local and organic products as much as possible.

Last Soups Till The Fall!

Thank you to everyone who enjoyed my winter soups! This weeks soups – Gypsy Soup (Squash and chick pea) –Corn Chowder $5/16oz The soups are vegan

Spring Challenge 2016

Tomorrow we will be starting the seventh annual spring challenge.  The last six years went great! We used Aveline Kushi’s book(The Complete Guide To macrobiotic Cooking),  Christina Cooks-Everything

Ingrid’s 15th Birthday Soups!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY INGRID! This weeks soups – Green Split Pea –Chick Pea And Swiss Chard –Green ish Detox (rainbow chard) $5/16oz The soups are vegan and

What Does April Snow Bring Soup?!

This weeks soups – Heirloom Tomato And Rice (preserved tomatoes straight out of the garden last fall) –Carrot Orange And Lime $5/16oz The soups are vegan